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Streamlined selection and enquiry process

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Our professional team follows the latest developments closely. Stay informed about linear motion products, trends and fairs.

Streamlined selection and enquiry process

Explore our intuitive selection and seamless enquiry process, simplifying the acquisition of linear motion components for your applications.

Intuitive product selection

Our streamlined product selection process ensures you can effortlessly find the right linear component, whether you are looking for linear guides, motors, encoders or other motion control products.

With clear search filter and intuitive narrowing functions, finding the ideal product is simplified, often achieved in just 2 to 5 selection steps.

This intuitive process reduces search time significantly, aided by clear filter options that eliminate confusion and make it easier to locate the right components.

Seamless enquiry process

In addition to our intuitive product selection, we offer a user-friendly enquiry process for pricing and availability.

Our easy click-to-enquire feature eliminates the need for manual product code entry, while pre-filled fields prevent errors, ensuring precision and efficiency throughout.

These features are seamlessly optimized for mobile phones, facilitating convenient enquiries from any location. Whether requesting a quote, checking availability, or initiating an order, our system guarantees precision and efficiency at every stage.

How does it work?

Here’s how you can select your cpc linear product:

  1. Click the right model and frame size
  2. Optionally: filter the dimensions (height, length, width)
  3. Select the required product and press ‘click to enquire’
  4. Fill in the 4 required fields, (optionally upload a datasheet)
  5. Send your enquiry

Fairs & exhibitions

SPS 2024

Nurnberg, Germany
12/11/2024 - 14/11/2024
Hall 04, stand 236

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