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Torque motors (DD)

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High density direct drive torque motors

From high-speed to precision motion scenarios, cpc torque motors provide a winning combination of power, reliability and versatility, elevating dynamic motion control needs to new heights.

Cpc torque motors are designed for high-efficiency and precision motion across diverse industries. These motors, available in frameless and housed types, boast top-tier features and reliability, setting new standards in direct-drive technology.

With the highest torque density and motor constant, coupled with a low profile and superior heat dissipation, our torque motors seamlessly integrate for enhanced efficiency.

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Features & benefits

  • Highest torque density
    Exceptional power, delivering industry-leading torque density for optimal performance in high-demand applications.
  • Direct drive excellence
    Seamless and precise motion control, eliminating the need for additional components and enhancing overall system efficiency.
  • High reliability
    Robust design and superior craftsmanship ensure consistent and reliable operation even in the most demanding industrial environments.
  • Versatile applications
    Tailored for a range of industries, including semiconductor, EMS, panel, medical, printer, packaging and automatic production.
  • Flexible cooling options
    Air and water cooling options suit the specific thermal requirements of each application, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Technical specifications

  • Models: ARC, ARD, ERC, HRC. HRD
  • Frame size: 15 – 55
  • Execution types: standard (M) & flange (F)
  • Block length: long (L), standard (N) & short (S)
  • H | Total height (rail + block): 24 – 80 mm
  • W | Block width: 34 – 140 mm
  • L | Block length: 41,2 – 202 mm
  • CISO 100km(KN): 7,7 – 125
  • C0(KN): 12,1 – 226
  • Cover strip optional

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