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Mini stroke slide linear guides

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Miniature stroke slides

Discover cpc’s miniature stroke slide series, engineered for precision and reliability in compact linear motion applications, offering exceptional load and moment capacity.


Features & benefits

  • High load and moment capacity
    Dual-row ball design with gothic profile ensures equal load distribution, enhancing capacity.
  • High running accuracy
    Steel balls roll on rail without recirculation, providing smooth, low-friction operation with high accuracy.
  • Dual plate design
    Prevents over-stroking, ensuring stability and reliability in motion.
  • Easy mounting
    Simple installation with downward-fitting fixing screws and preset preload for hassle-free setup.
  • Anti-corrosion feature
    Quenched hardened stainless steel construction ensures durability and maintenance-friendly operation in various environments.

Technical specifications

  • Models: ST
  • Frame size: 07 – 12
  • Execution types: standard (M)
  • Max stroke mm: 27 – 94
  • H | Total height (rail + block): 30 – 100 mm
  • W | Block width: 17 – 27 mm
  • L | Block length: 8 – 13 mm
  • CISO 100km(KN): 910 – 4.050
  • C0(KN): 1.580 – 8.670

Datasheet & 3D step

Linear guide lifetime calculation

Our self-developed Loading, Lifetime & Rigidity Analysis Software (LLRAS) is an advanced tool, designed to enhance the predictability and accuracy of service life estimations for linear guides.

Calculate your linear guide lifetime with cpc’s LLRAS tool

This sophisticated software precisely calculates the optimal deformation and rotation responses of linear guides under load, allowing for accurate determination of equivalent loads. Representing a significant advancement in the maintenance and design of linear guides, LLRAS sets a new standard in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of these essential components.

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