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cpc Europe: Linear motion technology

For OEMS seeking to optimize machine performance with precision linear motion, cpc is the leading manufacturer offering uncompromising precision at a competitive price.

Our products ensure peak performance, minimize downtime and enhance customer satisfaction, leading to seamless machine operations, happy customers and sustainable business growth and profitability.

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Empowering OEMs with high-quality linear drives & components

Discover cpc products, featuring high-quality, reliable and precision-engineered linear motion drives and components. Our components integrate seamlessly, enhancing machine functionality and efficiency, empowering OEMs to deliver outstanding machines.

Linear guides

Standard linear guides, wide linear guides, roller bearing linear guides, mini linear guides and stroke slides.

Linear motors

Ironless linear motors, iron core linear motors, torque motors (DD) and rotary positioners.

Linear stages

Linear motor stages, compact linear stages, moving magnet linear stages and multihead linear motor stages.

Servo & encoders

Servo drives, magnetic way encoders, linear guide encoders and optical encoders.

Our supportive approach to diverse needs of machine builders

At cpc, we tailor our expertise to meet unique challenges, ensuring seamless solutions for evolving requirements. We assist companies struggling with:

  • Technical limitations and performance issues with linear components
  • Striving for cost optimization without compromising on quality
  • Meeting market demands, with a focus on reliability and precision
  • Navigating strategic shifts and expanding product portfolios
  • Gaining a competitive edge through the integration of cutting-edge linear motion technology
  • Adapting to changing machine requirements
  • Overcoming scaling and design challenges
  • Exploring opportunities in new industries
  • Addressing performance inconsistencies

cpc Robot

Introducing cpc’s miniature 6-axis robotic arm series: DB0 high-precision robot and S0 Cobot.

For OEMs delivering cutting-edge machines, our robots offer agility, smart learning, energy-saving and adaptability, revolutionizing machine designs.

Say goodbye to rigid setups and hello to flexible, efficient solutions for your clients.

cpc: Excellence in motion

Empower machines with cpc’s linear drives & components. Unmatched precision, unwavering quality and competitive pricing for enhanced machine performance and efficiency.

Benefits of cpc Europe

Unlock a world of advantages with cpc’s cutting-edge linear motion technology. From enhanced precision to extensive product options, we deliver excellence in motion.

Ultimate precision & accuracy

Experience unparalleled linear motion precision and accuracy, setting new industry standards for flawless results in even the most demanding applications.

Extensive linear motion product range

Explore our extensive linear motion product range, offering a diverse array of high-precision solutions to cater to unique needs.

Excellent quality for consistent performance

Our unwavering commitment to linear motion product quality guarantees consistent, high-precision performance, fostering trust in every application.

Linear guideways – industries & applications

Explore how linear technology is transforming various industries, providing machine builders and OEMs with precise and innovative automation solutions.


  • (Micro) surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Lab automation
  • Telemedicine
  • Sterilization


  • Materials handling
  • Picking & placing
  • Palletizing
  • Package sealing
  • Quality inspection

Machine tools

  • Precision assembly
  • Quality control
  • Electronics assembly
  • Scanning /glueing
  • Tool changing


  • Microchip assembly
  • Inspection
  • Cleanroom operations
  • Electroplating
  • Etching

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Optimize machine performance and efficiency with cpc’s high-quality precision linear motion drives and components.

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