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cpc Studio: motion control software

Maximum control with cpc Studio

cpc Studio is an integrated development environment that transforms industrial computers into powerful PLCs with real-time control. Say goodbye to hardware restrictions and tailor system projects with flexibility.

Benefits of cpc Studio

cpc Studio provides cost-effective libraries, precise motion control and supports a variety of communication protocols, such as EtherCAT and Modbus TCP. Our user-friendly software is the ideal choice to elevate machine-building capabilities.

Turn your computer into a PLC for free and reliable motion control

Benefit from the power of cpc Studio with these key advantages:

  • Diversified intuitive teaching functions
  • Zero gravity mode
  • Collision detection
  • PLC open motion control function blocks
  • Ethercat and modbus support
  • IT and OT convergence
  • OPC UA communication

cpc Robot

Introducing cpc’s miniature 6-axis robotic arm series: DB0 high-precision robot and S0 Cobot.

For OEMs delivering cutting-edge machines, our robots offer agility, smart learning, energy-saving and adaptability, revolutionizing machine designs.

Say goodbye to rigid setups and hello to flexible, efficient solutions for your clients.

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    cpc: Excellence in motion

    Empower machines with cpc’s linear drives & components. Unmatched precision, unwavering quality and competitive pricing for enhanced machine performance and efficiency.

    cpc Studio – industries & applications

    Explore how cpc Studio motion control software is transforming various industries, providing machine builders with precise and innovative automation solutions.


    • (Micro) surgery
    • Diagnostics
    • Lab automation
    • Telemedicine
    • Sterilization

    Packaging & transport

    • Materials handling
    • Picking & placing
    • Palletizing
    • Package sealing
    • Quality inspection

    Machine tools

    • Precision assembly
    • Quality control
    • Electronics assembly
    • Scanning /glueing
    • Tool changing


    • Microchip assembly
    • Inspection
    • Cleanroom operations
    • Electroplating
    • Etching

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    SPS 2024

    Nurnberg, Germany
    12/11/2024 - 14/11/2024
    Hall 04, stand 236

    Optimize machine performance and efficiency with cpc’s high-quality precision linear motion drives and components.

    Linear drives

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