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cpc Cobot & Robot

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cpc Robot

In the dynamic world of automation, flexibility and efficiency are paramount. Tired of fixed production lines? 
cpc provides 2 series of small-sized robotic arms: DB0 and S0.

These compact robots offer small footprints, lightweight design, low noise and class-leading precision. The S0 series is collaborative, with a foldable design for enhanced flexibility, while the DB0 boasts high rigidity and precise motion. Both series redefine automation, offering unparalleled versatility for energy-saving, mobility and emerging market applications.

S0 6-axis cobot

The S0 is the smallest collaborative robotic arm on the market today, with an arm weight of just 4kg and a maximum payload of 1kg.

DB0 6-axis robot

DB0 is a compact, 4.7kg weight 6-axis robot arm with high rigidity. These features create high precise motion and operate in limited space with optimal usage.

cpc Studio

Elevate miniature robots with cpc Studio – a development environment turning computers into PLCs.

Control your S0 cobot and DB0 robot with our free data studio

Unlock the potential of the S0 cobot and DB0 robot with cpc Studio. This integrated solution offers cost-effective libraries, precise motion control and versatile communication protocols.

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    cpc: Excellence in motion

    Empower machines with cpc’s linear drives & components. Unmatched precision, unwavering quality and competitive pricing for enhanced machine performance and efficiency.

    cpc Robot – industries & applications

    Explore how miniature robots and cobots are transforming various industries, providing machine builders with precise and innovative automation solutions.


    • (Micro) surgery
    • Diagnostics
    • Lab automation
    • Telemedicine
    • Sterilization

    Packaging & transport

    • Materials handling
    • Picking & placing
    • Palletizing
    • Package sealing
    • Quality inspection

    Machine tools

    • Precision assembly
    • Quality control
    • Electronics assembly
    • Scanning /glueing
    • Tool changing


    • Microchip assembly
    • Inspection
    • Cleanroom operations
    • Electroplating
    • Etching

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    SPS 2024

    Nurnberg, Germany
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    Hall 04, stand 236

    Optimize machine performance and efficiency with cpc’s high-quality precision linear motion drives and components.

    Linear drives

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