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Will series AC and DC linear servo drives

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AC and DC linear servo drives

cpc’s Will-series AC and DC linear servo drives provide robust performance and precise control for industrial applications. These drives offer advanced features like powerful performance and anti-cogging technology, ensuring smooth and efficient motion control.

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Features & benefits

  • Will1-B (AC)
    Designed for AC power supply, delivering robust performance and precise control in industrial applications.
  • Will1-D (DC)
    Engineered for DC power supply, offering reliable and efficient servo control for various motion control tasks.
  • Powerful performance
    Delivers high torque and precise motion control for demanding applications.
  • Advanced auto-tuning
    Automatically optimizes drive parameters for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Anti-cogging technology
    Ensures smooth and precise motion, minimizing motor cogging for superior performance.

Technical specifications

  • Models: Will1-B (AC), Will1-D (DC)
  • More specs to be supplied
  • Auto Phasing
  • Current Filter
  • Anti-Cogging
  • Auto Tuning
  • Oscilliscope
  • Scripting
  • Auto Gain Switch
  • S-curve Profile

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Firmware Will1-B

Firmware Will1-D

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