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Linear guide options

Optional linear guide components and tools

Discover cpc’s wide array of optional components and tools, providing tailored solutions to optimize performance and versatility in diverse applications.

External NBR seal


Available for applications under harsh environment, external NBR seal is the dustproof solution.

Metal-plastic cap


The upper part of the cap is made of stainless steel, the lower part of the cap is made of plastic.

Metal rail stopper


Extra protections to prevent derailing during fast and critical linear motion processes.

Carbon steel guides


Rails & blocks with increased hardness for better durability and longer lifespan.

Lubrication kit


Lubrication Unit with 3 different nozzle adaptors suitable for all sizes of linear blocks.

cpc: Excellence in motion

Empower machines with cpc’s linear drives & components. Unmatched precision, unwavering quality and competitive pricing for enhanced machine performance and efficiency.

Linear guideways – industries & applications

Explore how linear technology is transforming various industries, providing machine builders and OEMs with precise and innovative automation solutions.


  • (Micro) surgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Lab automation
  • Telemedicine
  • Sterilization

Packaging & transport

  • Materials handling
  • Picking & placing
  • Palletizing
  • Package sealing
  • Quality inspection

Machine tools

  • Precision assembly
  • Quality control
  • Electronics assembly
  • Scanning /glueing
  • Tool changing


  • Microchip assembly
  • Inspection
  • Cleanroom operations
  • Electroplating
  • Etching

cpc Robot

Introducing cpc’s miniature 6-axis robotic arm series: DB0 high-precision robot and S0 Cobot.

For OEMs delivering cutting-edge machines, our robots offer agility, smart learning, energy-saving and adaptability, revolutionizing machine designs.

Say goodbye to rigid setups and hello to flexible, efficient solutions for your clients.

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Optimize machine performance and efficiency with cpc’s high-quality precision linear motion drives and components.

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